The Phantom Zone (The King of Left Field)

from by Har Adonai

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"The Phantom Zone (The King of Left Field)" is an ode to a place I used to know - I'll have to let you guess where it is, but there is a used car dealership with an animatronic statue of Darth Vader involved - and a laundromat. In fact, it's an ode to all of the places that all of us used to know - just ask Superman's dad.


You want to know that you are safe,
you want to know that you can't be replaced,
by the ghost of ideal,
by a statue that's real,
#9 from the Reds,
he's the King of Left Field...

You want to know that it's still there,
you want to breathe that industrial air,
where all fast food chains can coexist,
where the shopping carts glean in the morning mist...

Get lost...
Get lost...

Just remember that this is not your town,
just remember that it's a long way down...

Get lost...
Get lost...

For your Father's house breathes a different air,
and no interstate can take you there - get lost.

You want to roll on the concrete ground,
you want to dance to the unheard sound,
of the ringing string of a hundred years,
of the tattooed kings of yesteryear...

And there it is on the shortest street,
where the punks and the hippies converge to the beat,
of a laundromat, of a police car,
and they sing this song 'cause I've come this far...

Get lost...
Get lost...

And kiss the dirt of the holy hill,
where the Carpenter would have His will...

Get lost...
Get lost...

And behold your face as it reappears,
in the bridge between your master's ears - get lost.

(And release yourself to the coolest Wind - get lost.)


from Blue Pegasus (2​.​0), released May 14, 2013
Music and singing by Adam Lee Rosenfeld with:
Backing vocals by Bethany Rosenfeld and Mandie Lawrence
Recorded at home



all rights reserved


Har Adonai Israel

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